podcast July 20, 2022

How APIs can take the pain out of legacy system headaches (Ep. 465)

Get developers the right tools, or provide the means to build them.
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We chat with Claire Denton, Director of Product Management at Opentext, about her company’s approach to crafting APIs, helping developers find the right tools, and transforming industries from supply chain to security.

Episode Notes

Today’s episode is sponsored by Opentext. You can learn more about their information management solutions here.

You can find out more about Claire and here career on her LinkedIn.

Opentext has a fascinating history. It began as an academic project at the University of Waterloo. The researchers were looking to digitize the Oxford English Dictionary, and created an early search engine, similar to Project Gutenberg. The private company spun out of that work.

No lifeboat badge today, so we’ll shout out SDK, who claimed the benefactor badge for placing a bounty on his question: How to make a dynamic slide up transition? Seems like it worked, as the question now has an accepted answer 🙂




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