The Overflow #135: Money that moves at the speed of information

Money that moves at the speed of information, a conversation with Stack Overflow's new CTO Jody Bailey, and and exploring how Rust manages memory.

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Welcome to ISSUE #135 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: money that moves at the speed of information, a conversation with Stack Overflow's new CTO Jody Bailey, and and exploring how Rust manages memory.

From the blog

How Rust manages memory using ownership and borrowing stackoverflow.blog Garbage collection? Manual allocation? When it comes to allocating memory for variables, Rust goes its own way.

Stack Exchange sites are getting prettier faster: introducing Themes stackoverflow.blog Our April Fools joke has a nice side effect: it's easier to make Stack Exchange sites more distinct.

Money that moves at the speed of information (Ep. 462) stackoverflow.blog The home team chats with Devraj Varadhan, SVP of Engineering at Ripple, about crypto companies bracing for economic uncertainty, how Ripple’s solutions might help to expand financial inclusion in underserved markets, and why companies should take the long view rather than getting distracted by hype.

A conversation with Stack Overflow’s new CTO, Jody Bailey (Ep. 461) stackoverflow.blog From Pluralsight to AWS Training to Stack Overflow, our new CTO Jody Bailey has a wealth of experience in the world of ed-tech and software.

How to get the most out of MongoDB promotion Learn how to get the most out of your MongoDB deployments with best practices for scaling, querying, and data modeling in this free guide.

Interesting questions

Why do some lights captured by the Webb telescope have rays and others don't? physics.stackexchange.com Understanding those jaw-dropping photos from humanity's most powerful telescope.

Didn't receive the expected depth of feedback from company after an interview workplace.stackexchange.com Time to adjust your expectations.

Coin flip probability independent or not? math.stackexchange.com “You are right and your friend is wrong.”

If water is nearly as incompressible as ground, why don't divers get injured when they plunge into it? physics.stackexchange.com "Water will move out of the way; concrete won't."

Links from around the web

It’s 1997 and you want to build a website thehistoryoftheweb.com Let's time travel back to 1997. There is no Stack Overflow. How would you build a website?

Breaking out of a central wrapper css-irl.info If you've had to make any sort of fixed-width layout on a website, you know exactly the struggle of breaking the norm. This is one for the bookmarks!

Go proverbs go-proverbs.github.io If you've played the game of Go, you might know that some ideas are part of a collection called "Go proverbs." What if we had Go proverbs, but for the language?

How to refactor large react components code.pieces.app Those big, chonky codebases can be intimidating to refactor. Here's how one developer broke down a 2,700 line component to something half that size.

A blast from the past: Open source has a funding problem.

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