Does AI-assisted coding make it too easy for students to cheat on schoolwork? (Ep. 480)

Will students learn the the fundamentals if they can just TAB their way to a function?

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The home team talks students using AI pair programmers to complete their assignments, how the Godot game engine may be monetized through W4 Games, and whether paid tiers and subscriptions provide a healthy option for social networking apps.

Episode Notes

You can find a great essay on AI helping students, and what that means for their teachers, here.

Here's a piece on W4 Games plans to monetize the Godot engine.

Snap says it now has one million subscribers for its Snapchat+ offering.

There were no fresh lifeboats badges this week, so shoutout to Jemo for being awarded the Great Question badge. They asked: What's the difference between thread and coroutine in Kotlin


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