podcast October 18, 2022

Beware the scammers posing as tech recruiters (Ep. 498)

We all have fears when it comes to tech. These are (some of) our stories.

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. But if you work in tech as an engineer, you have the unfortunate perspective of knowing all of the tiny details that have the potential to go wrong. Even when everything is going right, those edge cases can still feel haunting.

In today’s podcast episode, the home team and Jon Chan get together to laugh at themselves as they reflect on their fears of self-driving cars and share horror stories of recruiters promising job offers that turned out to be scam artists.

Episode notes:

Before jumping into driverless car talk, Ben shares a heads up about fake jobs at credible companies that are actually phishing scams meant to steal your identity and hijack your bank accounts. Beware the job offer that seems too good to be true!

Jon, Cassidy, Ceora, Matt, and Ben reflect on whether they trust software to operate a vehicle.

Cassidy tells us that she once sat in a car that parked itself and screamed the entire time.

Matt brings us back to reality, reminding us that airplane flights have been automated for a while now.

Matt and Ben point out that in the medical technology space, robotic surgeons are so advanced that they have become more precise than human hands.

Shoutout to lifeboat badge winner GKG4 for a great answer to the question “how can I check if an array index is out of range?” which has been viewed 67,000 times.

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