Goodbye Webpack, hello Turbopack! The big news from today’s Next.JS conference (Ep. 502)

We break down the key announcements - from Turbopack, to Splitbee analytics, to new features in Next.JS 13.

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On today's episode we chat about some of the fun announcements coming out of today's Next.JS conference. Vercel announced it acquired Splitbee to bring first-party analytics to it's platform. Next.JS 13 Introducing a redesigned approach to website layouts, data-fetching, and server-rendering. And last but not least, we were introduced to Turbopack, built by the creator of Webpack and Vercel. Turbopack is a Rust-based incremental bundler. Vercel claims that it shows updates 10x faster than Vite and 700x faster than Webpack. You can read more Turbopack here.

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