DIY mad science...it's all about homelabbing (Ep. 504)

We break down homelabbing tricks to level up your WFH game.

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Being a technologist is more than a 9-5 job. It’s a lifestyle. That’s why so many of us, like the mad scientists we are, get into homelabbing.

What does this hobby/obsession entail? Build a home lab to help you level-up your tinkering game. Think: media servers, Raspberry Pis, data centers—turning your home into an IT paradise guaranteed to make you more productive, if only it wasn't so enticing to work on.

Today’s podcast episode is all about brainstorming fun ideas for homelabbing. Matt, Ceora, and Cassidy host a discussion with JJ Asghar, Developer Advocate at IBM.

Episode notes:

The group laughs about setting up JIRA workflows and Trello boards for our family lives—Matt says heck no.

Ceora speaks to the power of homelabbing as a way to gain profitable skills.

JJ talks about the VPN system he has running on his phone to access his home network using tools like WireGuard and ZeroTier.

Cassidy suggests setting up a personal knowledge base as a second brain (and recommends Obsidian).

JJ shares how homelabbing is popular among kids under 18 as a pathway for them to get into the tech industry.

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