Five Stack Exchange sites are celebrating their ten year anniversaries in Q4 2022!

Family histories, robots, and politics. Plus, the one Stack Exchange that covers them all: Anime!

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2022 has flown by. Before we bid adieu to another year we think it’s important to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the final cohort of sites on the Stack Exchange network who have turned ten this year. Whether you’re into Dragon Ball Z, quadcopters, surname origins, Multi Site Manager (MSM), or international relations—we have five sites hitting milestones that hope you’ll join them in celebration.

Genealogy & Family History

We’re a community made up of enthusiasts and experts who are interested in building their skills and sharing their knowledge on issues surrounding genealogy, family history, and microhistory. We tackle everything from the practical: When documenting location, should current or historical place names be used? to the personal: How do I encourage older folk to provide information? If you are looking for information or a place to share your insights on DNA, palaeography, or census records, there’s a place for you here.


For some, robotics may conjure images of Rosey from the Jetsons or Robby from Forbidden Planet. However, our community is not about sci-fi robots. We’re a place for professional robotic engineers, hobbyists, researchers, and students to share their knowledge and learn from one another. We’re where you would go to find out about why Mars rovers have those weird wheels or to get help tuning your PID loops. If you need to determine DH parameters or debug your ROS nodes, we’ve got you covered. We’re also the place to learn or share your knowledge on everything from mobile robots to arduino.

ExpressionEngine® Answers

Ten years ago, ExpressionEngine developers came together to vote for a Stack Exchange site where we could ask and answer technical questions related to the software we used every day on our projects. The goal was to create a place where we could support each other and to build a public archive of solutions to common and not so common problems. Since the launch of the ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange site, over 12,000 questions have been asked and the top question, related to migrating between environments, has been viewed over 9,000 times. The community curates answers to everything from lists of resources for Expression Engine developers and users and what parse order is. Kudos to everyone who helped bring this website to fruition!


Politics Stack Exchange can answer everything from What are the powers of the British Monarch to why doesn't the IRS make taxes simple? However, Politics Stack Exchange isn't a place to promote political opinions; we try to keep the site unbiased and interesting for all. Our site is a place to get serious answers about political questions. We handle simple topics like What is a Hung Parliament?, as well as highly contentious topics like Why are so many Americans against Obamacare? We can provide you with answers to the most specific and niche questions and you might learn a little something about international law in the process. Come exercise your internet right to vote and explore the often confusing and tangled web of politics.

Anime & Manga

We're anime and manga; unlike some of the rest of our sister sites we tend not to take ourselves too seriously and are just here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Come to our site to experience your own epic adventure as guided by our community. We have a lot of questions already—definitely over 9000. You’ll get started with the foundations of anime and manga and get to know a bit more about what makes the cast of characters you’ll encounter so vibrant and diverse. You may wander off the main road for a lighthearted side trip or two. But we’re here to help you grow and expand your knowledge along the way. If you're interested in exploring more, come join us for an unforgettable adventure.

Once again congratulations to these five communities on their ten year anniversaries. This is our final Stack Exchange Network anniversary celebration of 2022. We look forward to celebrating more milestones next year. I think a little site called Stack Overflow is turning fifteen in 2023. Let the merriment continue.

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