Another hard week in tech (Ep. 509)

We need to talk about it.

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A lot of people in tech lost their jobs this week—and in 2022, generally. Twitter is one situation that many of us are watching closely. One theory is that companies are beginning to prioritize lean teams and sustainable growth over hypergrowth. Are we looking at a turning point for how tech gets built?

On today’s podcast, Ben, Matt, and Cassidy reflect on job losses in tech, repojacking on GitHub, the ethics of generative AI, and what it would take to make us switch browsers.

Episode notes:

The team questions whether a print out of 60-90 days worth of code is the right benchmark for whether to lay someone off.

Ben gives our podcast listeners a heads up to reports of repo jacking on GitHub (who got ahead of the issue quickly).

We reflect on whether or not we’re okay with generative AI—and question tradeoffs between copyright and the ability for more people to create stuff.

Ben discusses how his internet browser might be becoming his second brain.

Matt and Cassidy get props from Ben for their rising popularity on Stack Overflow’s YouTube channel.

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