Tips and tricks for succeeding as a developer emigrating to Japan (Ep. 510)

How a solo developer makes a living with a job board for engineering roles in Japan

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If you’re a developer, your skills are transferable across borders. If you’ve ever thought about relocating to Japan from outside of the country, you’ll find that there are some awesome job opportunities there. Finding a great opportunity, however, can be a needle in a haystack. It’s this pain point that led Eric Turner to create Japan Dev, a job board that curates handpicked tech jobs in Japan.

Eric, himself, is American—a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. When he relocated to Japan, he needed to find a job, apartment, and all of the other things that come with moving to a new country. In today’s podcast, he talks to Matt about the experiences that led him to co-founding Japan Dev.

Episode notes:

Eric explains that great jobs are available for developers in Japan, but it can be tough to find these opportunities.

We talk about interesting startups that are gaining traction in the Japanese tech sector (like Visual Alpha, Treasure Data, and Exawizards, to name a few examples of companies on the Japan Dev platform).

Matt is impressed to learn Japan Dev generates an estimated $60,000/month in revenue, on average.

Eric reflects on starting Japan Dev as a side project while he was employed full-time as an engineer.

Eric elaborates on why he doesn’t think venture capital is a good fit for Japan Dev.

Night owls unite! Eric says that his most productive hours are between midnight to 4AM.

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