Here’s what it’s like to develop VR at Meta (Ep. 513)

We chat with a Platform Engineer and Reality Labs Advocate about the expanding toolkit available for crafting virtual reality experiences.

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Over the last few years, Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that he wants his company to be at the forefront of building the Metaverse, and that to do it, the tools and technologies underpinning VR and AR have to be open source. Facebook has seen great success with open source projects like React, so what does it mean, tactically, for developers who want to contribute to their VR ambitions?

On today’s podcast episode, we’re joined by Cami Williams, Engineering Manager for Platform and Reality Labs Advocacy at Meta. Cami has done the full FAANG tour with engineering roles at Apple, Google, and Amazon. But let’s be real, her most important job title has been our co-host Cassidy Williams’s sister.

Episode notes:

Cami and Cassidy take us down memory lane, sharing how they got into computer science together, hosted a web series (and still podcast together sometimes), and overlapped at two jobs together.

We discuss the technologies being used to build in/for the Metaverse like Horizon Workroom, Presence Platform, Insights SDK, and of course, React.

Cami shares how object and scene recognition work in VR.

Cami reveals a family secret — so listen up if you want to know how to beat Cassidy at board games.

Blackbishop wins the Illuminator Badge for answering and editing 500 different questions on Stack Overflow.

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We’re taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday so no podcast this Friday…have a good one, and see you next week.


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