The blockchain tech to build in a crypto winter (Ep. 516)

Even nodes and validators need a backend built for speed.

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On today’s episode we chat with Andrew McFarlane, CTO at Validation Cloud. His company focuses on building out infrastructure for blockchains, supporting the nodes and validators that keep everything running and verified. McFarlane explains where popular languages like Rust and Go can be found in the Web3 world and why he thinks a crypto winter is the best time to be building fundamental tech.

Episode Notes

You can learn more about Andrew, from building out a telco in Canada to cyber security at Deloitte, on his LinkedIn.

Validation Cloud bills itself as the world’s fastest node infrastructure and cites networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance as clients it supports. Learn more at the company’s website here.

The company announced the launch of it's latest product, Javelin, earlier today.

Shout out to this week’s lifeboat badge winner, Derek, for helping answer the question: How do you open the file chooser in an Android app using Kotlin?


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