Chatting about drag and drop tech stacks with Builder.io's Steve Sewell (Ep. 519)

For his TikToks and coding wisdom.

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We sit down for a chat with Steve Sewell, CEO at Builder.io, to talk about the experiences that inspired him to craft a visual CMS and start a company around it. Along with coding and running a company, Steve has become a popular content creator, and he explains why he believes short form TikToks are a great format for teaching people to program.

Episode Notes

Steve was working as an engineering manager at ShopStyle and found that an increasing amount of his team's time was spent working on custom requests from departments like marketing and sales. They tried headless CMS but the data and components couldn't keep up with ever evolving needs. They wanted a drag and drop system connected to their code, data, and components.

This pain point inspired him strike out on his own to create a new product. The vision was a tool that would allow colleagues from across a company to make changes to web pages without requesting dev time, but would also ensure that any changes made would be up to the standards of the design department and not introduce errors that engineering would then have to fix.

Hence, the company's pitch for a plug & play system that integrates with your existing sites & apps. It relies on a few key ideas:

  • API-based infrastructure that is native to your tech stack
  • Works with any frontend or backend
  • Build with your own data, like product catalogs or customer data platforms, to create rich, dynamic experiences

You can check it out for yourself over at Builder.io.

Follow Steve on Twitter and TikTok where he breaks down websites and effects he finds interesting.

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