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How to build a universal computation machine with Tetris (Ep. 529)

Using only Tetris, you can build a machine capable of universal computation.
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The home team talks about how engineering blogs create real value for software companies, a game-changing accessibility controller for PS5, and how to build a universal computation machine using Tetris. Plus: Is this podcast responsible for Instagram’s decision to boot the shopping tab from the home feed? Maybe!

Episode notes:

First, some self-administered back-patting for the Stack Overflow editorial team: great engineering blogs give tech companies an edge (The New York Times says so). 

Hiring aside, engineering blogs are fresh sources of knowledge, insight, and entertainment for anyone working in tech. You can learn a lot from, for instance, blog posts that break down an outage or security incident and detail how engineers got things up and running again. One classic of the genre: Amazon’s explanation of how one engineer brought the internet to its knees. And here’s an example from our own blog

When you’ve finished catching up on the Stack Overflow blog, check out those from Netflix and Uber.

Good news for late-night impulse shoppers: Instagram is removing the shopping tag from the home feed, reports The Verge. Is this a response to widespread user pushback, and does this herald the end of New Instagram? We can hope.

Sony announces Project Leonardo, an accessibility controller kit for PS5.

Did you know? Using only Tetris, you can build a machine capable of universal computation.

Developer advocate Matt Kiernander is moving on to his next adventure. If you’re looking for a developer advocate or engineer, connect with him on LinkedIn or email him.

One of Matt’s favorite conversations on the podcast was our episode with Mitchell Hashimoto, cofounder and CEO of HashiCorp. It’s worth a (re)listen.


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