The less JavaScript, the better (Ep. 532)

Convert unused JavaScript into lightweight HTML...oh that feels so good.

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Cassidy and Ceora are joined by Ben Holmes and Nate Moore, developers on the core Astro platform, to talk about the new features they’re working on, what they love about docs, and the role of open source in their work.

Episode notes:

Astro is a site builder that lets you use the frontend tools you already love (React, Vue, Svelte, and more) to build content-rich, performant websites.

Astro extracts your UI into smaller, isolated components (“islands”) and replaces unused JavaScript with lightweight HTML for faster loads and time-to-interactive (TTI).

Ben and Nate explain why Astro’s compiler was written in Go (“seemed like fun”).

To learn more about Astro, start with their docs or see what people are doing with the framework.

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn, GitHub, or via his website.

Connect with Nate on GitHub.

Shoutout to Lifeboat badge winner Aurand for their answer to How to convert list to queue to achieve FIFO.


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