podcast February 10, 2023

Does your professor pass the Turing test? (Ep. 537)

How can educators (and students) adapt to the inevitable rise of AI?
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Emery Berger, Professor of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, joins Ben for a conversation about the impact of AI on academia. As a young sci-fi fan, he was fascinated by computers that could spit out solutions (a fascination that survived exposure to BASIC and COBOL). Now his CS students are using Copilot to do the same thing. How can educators (and students) adapt?

Episode notes:

Professor Emery Berger is a systems builder who studies “programming languages, runtime systems, and operating systems, with a particular focus on systems that transparently improve reliability, security, and performance.”

AI giveth and AI taketh away: an incredible tool for developers is creating new challenges for CS educators and students. Read Emery’s 2022 essay “Coping with Copilot.”

You can also find Emery on GitHub or Twitter.
Today’s Lifeboat badge winner is mbcrump for their answer to How do I generate a random integer in C#?.

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