Developers think AI assistants will be everywhere, but aren't sure how to feel about it (Ep. 548)

The things we expect to succeed aren't always the things we're hoping to see more of.

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This week we sit down with some fellow Stackers, Erin Yepis and Joy Cicman Liuzzo, to discuss the results of our latest Pulse Survey. Developers told us what emergent technology they expect to become mainstream, what they think is a fad that will pass, and how they feel about everything from AI to open source to blockchain.

Episode Notes

You can dive deeper into the research, including some lovely matrix charts, on our blog.

Erin has also explored tag trends among our most loved languages and job insights from our community.

Learn more about Joy on her LinkedIn.

Thanks to our Lifeboat badge winner of the week, russbishop, for helping to answer the question: Where is the app content folder in the simulator of Xcode?


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