From Smalltalk to smart contracts, reflecting on 50 years of programming (Ep. 556)

We chat with Dean Tribble about his journey from Xerox PARC to blockchain CEO.

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Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric, joins Ben and Ryan to talk about his journey from working on early programming languages at Xerox PARC to leading a company developing an open-source blockchain.

Episode Notes

Smart contracts aren’t actually new. Computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer Nick Szabo coined the term in 1994 (possibly earlier, depending on who you ask).

Old problems seem to keep coming back. Bret Victor gave a talk in 2013 called “The Future of Programming,” where he talked about problems from 1973 that were still relevant.

To learn more about the Agoric blockchain, check out their homepage.

If you’d rather shape how the blockchain itself operates, much of Agoric’s code is open source.

Connect with Dean on Twitter or Telegram


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