The Overflow #185: The hardest part of software is requirements

DevX in energy sectors, fox talk, and Elixir loops and lists.

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Welcome to ISSUE #185 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: AI won't replace us until it can handle flaky requirements, steampunk inventors upgrade the battery, and a guide walks you through a career from junior dev to veteran.

From the blog

The hardest part of building software is not coding, it’s requirements stackoverflow.blog Why replacing programmers with AI won’t be so easy.

How Bloomberg’s engineers built a culture of knowledge sharing stackoverflow.blog Thousands of the company’s engineers, data scientists, designers, and developers have asked and answered questions about how things work inside their organization.

Improving the developer experience in the energy sector stackoverflow.blog Plus, how software underlies the second-largest electric vehicle charging network.

The cofounder of Chef is cooking up a less painful DevOps (Ep. 584) stackoverflow.blog Chef cofounder Adam Jacob joins the home team to discuss the problems with the current state of cloud infrastructure, what engineers need but aren’t getting, and why he’s focused on creating a new and improved approach to infrastructure automation.

Join the world’s leading event for developers in Berlin promotion At the WeAreDevelopers World Congress from July 26th to 28th, you can enjoy over 300 speakers across 12 stages, outdoor activities, parties, and more. Use code ‘stackoverflow’ to save 20% on your ticket at <a href=”http://worldcongress.dev/“>worldcongress.dev</a>.

Interesting questions

How do I store enormous amounts of mechanical energy? worldbuilding.stackexchange.com Contains recommendations on the exact novel that implements this idea.

How to deal with a careless student? academia.stackexchange.com “The primary goal is to help the student make better arguments. If you get useful work out of the process that’s gravy.”

Why is ‘|’ used as the OR operator in so many programming languages? softwareengineering.stackexchange.com All the good symbols were taken.

Onomatopoeia for foxes english.stackexchange.com Wait, what does the fox say?

Links from around the web

The Password Game neal.fun Think you’ve got a strong password? Try putting it to the test.

DevJourney Podcast devjourney.info The DevJourney podcast has produced 250 episodes and counting of developer stories across the industry.

Junior to senior: An action plan for engineering career success github.com Career advancement can seem daunting when you’re just getting started, but here’s a handy guide to leveling up over time.

The comprehensive guide to Elixir’s list comprehension www.mitchellhanberg.com The term “for” is used in many languages for loops (wordplay!), but in Elixir, it’s a bit different.

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