Founder vs Investor: What VCs are really looking for

Ben talks with startup founder and advisor Elizabeth Zalman about what makes the founder-investor relationship unique in the world of capital, what changes with technical founders, and what VCs are really looking for.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

After founding two companies, including StrongDM, a dynamic management access platform (explore their docs here), Elizabeth took a “break” by co-authoring a book.

Founder vs Investor: The Honest Truth About Venture Capital from Startup to IPO is about what she learned as a founder and executive about the founder-investor relationship. Order it on Bookshop or Amazon.

Elizabeth’s co-author is investor and advisor Jerry Neumann, managing director of Neu Venture Capital.

One option for your next weekend outing: a ride and tie.

Connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn.

Connect with Jerry Neumann on LinkedIn.

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