Why Stack Overflow is embracing Svelte

Giamir Buoncristiani, tech lead for the Stacks design system at Stack Overflow, joins Ryan for a conversation about all things front end, including how he joined Stack with a mandate to modernize the front-end user interface and why Stack Overflow developers are such big fans of Svelte.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Giamir is the tech lead for Stacks, Stack Overflow’s design system.

Svelte is a tool for building web apps. Delve into their docs or, if you’re brand-new to Svelte, start with this interactive tutorial.

More than 90,000 devs responded to our 2023 Developer Survey where Svelte was ranked the second-most admired web framework.

Connect with Giamir via his website or LinkedIn.

Today we’re shouting out a topical question asked by Félix Paradis, who (like 73,000 others) wanted to know How to pass parameters to on:click in Svelte?.


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