The tax change that's hurting startups and developers

In the United States, R&D expenses and software development suddenly got a lot more expensive, leading to surprise layoffs. Plus, what defines shovelware, game developers look towards unionization, and the right way to kill your process.

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On today’s home team episode, Ben and Ryan discuss the implications of a lapse in section 174 of the tax code. Here’s a great explainer on how it’s affecting startups and software firms, threatening jobs and potentially bankrupting some struggling companies. 

Video game employees are exploring a union and Microsoft recently announced it will stay neutral in the process. 

What’s the difference between a bad game, a low effort developer, and shovelware? Our game development Stack Exchange has some thoughts.

Today’s lifeboat badge winner is “that_other_guy”, who explained: What is the difference between kill and kill -9? Hint, you want to terminate your process, not brutally murder it, ok! 

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