How long until we run out of fresh data to train the latest AI?

On today's episode, Ben and Ryan review the highlights of 2023, explore what made the biggest impact on developers, and chat about what they look forward to in the world of software and technology in 2024.

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Will AI fundamentally change software development or just add some efficiencies around the edges? Surveys from Stack Overflow and Github find north of 70% have probably already tried using it and many incorporate it into their daily work through a helper in the IDE. 

It's also worth reflecting a bit on the technology sectors that didn't have as great a 2023: crypto, VR, and quantum computing still seem far from mainstream adoption.

We dive a little into the half-life of skills, which seem to be shrinking, especially in IT. Got any resolutions to learn something new this year?

And what about the data we use for training? We highlight a comment from Kian Katanforoosh, a lecturer who helped create Stanford's Deep Learning course with Andrew Ng, who says we'll run out of high quality data as soon as 2030.

A big thanks and congrats to Stack Overflow user Corn3lius for helping to answer a question and being awarded a life boat badge: How can I create spoiler text?

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