Maximum Glitch: How to break Tetris

The home team is back with a conversation about the 13-year-old who beat Tetris by breaking it; stories from the Mathematics Stack Exchange; and the robot butler that will do your dishes, fold your laundry, and water your plants. Happy New Year!

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Willis Gibson, 13, closed out 2023 by becoming the first person to officially beat the original Nintendo version of Tetris. Here’s how he did it.

Want to understand the code that caused the ultimate killscreen? Watch this great explainer from HydrantDude.

The 2023 film Tetris is based on the true story of the legal battle to license the game.

Is the era of the robot butler upon us? Mobile ALOHA is a low-cost and whole-body teleoperation system for data collection. Check out some of what it can do.

Explore the questions and answers on the Mathematics Stack Exchange.


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