How to build a role-playing video game in 24 hours

Ben and Ryan chat about how the human body can act as a resonance chamber for remote car keys, the potential for GenAI to revolutionize game development by creating an infinite array of dynamic game worlds, and advancements in brain-computer interfaces.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Now you know: The human body can serve as a resonance chamber for remote car keys, effectively extending their range.

A hackathon team used GenAI can create a fully playable D&D-style game in just one day.

Skybox AI from Blockade Labs allows users to generate 360° skybox experiences from text prompts.

A significant advancement in the brain-computer interfaces (BCI) space: a novel framework called DeWave integrates “discrete encoding sequences into open-vocabulary EEG-to-text translation tasks” without the need for “eye-tracking fixations or event markers to segment brain dynamics into word-level features.”

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