Sending bugs back in time

Ben and Ryan are joined by Ryan’s former colleague and current backend engineer at Spotify, Omar Delarosa, to talk about time-traveling programming languages, a keyboard that turns an iPhone into a Blackberry, and what it’s like working on everyone’s personal DJ.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Mariposa is a toy programming language that has time travel as a primary feature. Bugs are a thing of the past (literally)! Miss having a physical keyboard when thumb-typing on your phone? Well, you’re in luck. Over at CES, LG Electronics wants your devices to have “affectionate intelligence.” Whatever it takes to make AI more human-centric and empathetic. Omar used to work on the Backstage project at Spotify, so we quoted him in our article on it. Now he works on personalization, including Discover Weekly, which drops a new mixtape on you every Monday like a hipster with a crush.


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