Celebrating and improving your community’s knowledge

Let’s take a look at the first Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise release of the year, focusing on how your teams can celebrate your community’s contributions and how search improvements will make these contributions more discoverable.

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A new year often means seeking out new and better ways of serving your employees and customers. And while you try to anticipate their needs, change is constant. A great search experience makes your employees more resilient to change by allowing them to more readily tap into your organizational knowledge to find solutions and opportunities for collaboration. To provide the most relevant search results in these moments, we’re delivering a more consistent, flexible, and intuitive search experience to our Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise customers that understands user intent and context, instead of relying on keywords alone.

Having an internal community that shares knowledge throughout the year enhances your search experience even more. When communal knowledge is accessible in a central place, it can be discovered and reused by others more easily. Your 2023 Stacked celebrates your Stack Overflow for Teams community’s most meaningful contributions so they are proud and eager to share more solutions, insights, and other knowledge in 2024.

Enterprise 2024.1 release overview

Let’s take a look at the first Stack Overflow for Teams Enterprise release of the year in more detail, focusing on how your teams can celebrate your community’s contributions and how search improvements will make these contributions more discoverable.

Celebrate your community’s contributions

Every year, many of us pause to celebrate our accomplishments, acknowledge people in our network who helped us get there, and identify areas where we’d like to improve. But at work, we’re often marching toward deadlines that take our attention away from recognizing these milestones. Enter Your 2023 Stacked: An annual look back that celebrates the most meaningful contributions to your Stack Overflow for Teams community, their impact, and the people who made them.

Your 2023 Stacked goes beyond the dashboard to provide a curated, interactive view of engagement that can be shared with your community to make them proud of their contributions and eager to contribute more in the next year. Here are the sections you’ll see on the page:

  • Top Contributors: People contribute to communities in different ways. To be inclusive of the unique qualities that make your community great, we’ve broken out the 2023 Top Contributors section into different categories like “Most supportive” and “Most curious.”
  • Popular Contributions: In the 2023 Popular Contributions section, you’ll see your site’s most popular posts and tags. This section inspires users to bookmark and engage with content, watch tags, join Communities, and contribute more knowledge in 2024.

Find answers faster with improved search

Since Stack Overflow is so embedded in the technologist problem-solving process, search has always been core to our experience. But knowing exactly what to search for can be a blocker to finding a solution. Stack Overflow for Teams helps your organization share knowledge and break down silos so employees find answers and get back to work faster. Oftentimes, the answers they’re looking for already live on your site, they just need to find them. In this release, we've improved our search functionality to make answers more discoverable when and where they’re needed.

To do this, we’ve implemented some technical improvements to provide a better search experience with more consistent results and more relevant answers. Key to these improvements is semantic search, which can interpret the meaning of search queries beyond the exact words and phrases themselves. This extends the effectiveness of search to better understand the intent and the context of a search, not just the specific keywords a user enters in the search bar. As a result, users can more naturally interact with search and get the answers they need faster, with less time spent in product searching, adjusting search criteria to find the exact keywords, or parsing through content. This improved search:

  • Provides more relevant search results by recognizing the relatedness of search terms and concepts and interpreting user intent.
  • Allows you to search using natural question-and-answer language instead of a rigid syntax of keyword manipulation.
  • Delivers more consistent search results across channels so you find what you need whether you’re searching in the platform or via a custom integration built with our API.

A more accurate, thorough, and accessible search experience helps users find answers faster, discover new content, and stay in the flow of work.

See continuous Slack integration enhancements

The Slack integration for Stack Overflow for Teams offers users a streamlined way to interact with their knowledge base without switching between apps. The latest update to our Slack integration uses Slack’s block kit so we can deliver enhancements faster and more frequently, like the modern notifications in this release.

Here’s to all your communities accomplished in 2023 and the great knowledge to be shared and discovered in 2024!

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