Who owns this tool? You need a software component catalog

We chat with Andrew Boyagi, Atlassian's Senior Developer Evangelist, about bringing great developer experience to teams and platforms with thousands of engineers. When the software sprawl gets so big you spend more time looking for answers than solving problems, it might be time to try something new.

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Andrew has worked in many roles, including as Executive Manager at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, where he established and grew a platform engineering function that supported 7,000 engineers. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

As Andrew said, one challenge for engineers is the sprawl of tools and platforms they work with today. "Let's have a look at the Stack Overflow survey actually from last year. I was reading through it the other day and something really stuck out to me: 25% of developers spend more than an hour per day looking for information just to do their jobs.

That's crazy, right? Like an hour a day looking for information, not doing your job, not shipping software, looking for stuff. That's a problem that Atlassian had and it's also a problem that many of our customers had."

We know this issue, and internally we use Stack Overflow for Teams to solve it. Independent studies from Forrester found tools like Stack Overflow for Teams help cut down the time it takes to find answers tremendously.

Atlassian also built an internal tool to solve this issue, which they call Compass. You can learn more about Compass, a developer experience platform, here.

Shout out to Amelio for earning a stellar question badge and helping over six hundred thousand people with this gem: Getting the name of a variable as a string


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