Net neutrality is in; TikTok and noncompetes are out

On this episode: The FTC bans most noncompete agreements, the implications of the TikTok “ban,” why a 2017 law is hitting startups with huge tax bills seven years later, and the return of net neutrality. Plus: the wunderkind hacker who ransomed Finland’s anxieties and secrets.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

In a narrow vote, the US Federal Trade Commission banned almost all noncompete agreements, a staple of the tech industry for years.

Learn how a 2017 tax law is haunting startups in 2024.

Finnish hacker Aleksanteri Kivimäki exposed tens of thousands of confidential psychiatric records and tried to extort payment directly from the affected patients. Read more about it here or here.

It happened: President Biden signed the TikTok “ban,” setting a deadline for the platform’s parent company, China-based ByteDance, to divest the app within a year. And TikTok faces yet more hurdles ahead.

Net neutrality is back, baby. Here’s what that means.


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