Spreading the gospel of Python

On this episode: Al Sweigart is a software developer, developer advocate, and author of ten Python books. He tells Ben and Ryan why he’s such a fan of the language, why it’s a great programming language for beginners, and how it became the default for so many data science and backend AI projects.

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Credit: Alexandra Francis

Al Sweigart is the author of Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and many other books about programming. You can read them all for free here.

His scroll art project introduces beginners to programming by letting them turn loops and print() into animated ASCII art.

Al joined us from a retreat at the Brooklyn, NY-based Recurse Center, which offers free, self-directed retreats for programmers. Learn how to apply here.

PyCon US 2024 is May 15-23, 2024, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Connect with Al through his website.

Shoutout to user Alex. S., who asked Stack Overflow’s most popular Python question ever: What does the "yield" keyword do in Python?. It’s helped 3.3 million people and counting.


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