Issue 235: Explaining generative language models to (almost) anyone

Welcome to ISSUE #235 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: A framework for understanding generative language models, best practices for loaning money to a friend, and useful but overlooked developer skills.

From the blog

Explaining generative language models to (almost) anyone

Here’s a simple, three-part framework that explains generative language models.

A very special 5th anniversary edition of the Stack Overflow podcast!

Ben Popper, Cassidy Williams, and Ryan Donovan sit down to discuss how much has changed in the five years they have been collaborating on Stack Overflow’s blog, newsletter, and podcast. If you're sick of AI talk today, remember how bad the crypto craze was just two years ago!

Say goodbye to "junior" engineering roles

We chat with Kirimgeray Kirimli, a director at Flatiron Software and CEO of Snapshot Reviews, a tool that measures developer productivity based on activity from Github, Jira, standups, and more. Kirimli explains how Snapshot Reviews tries to measure a developer's true impact, not just the volume of their activity. Plus, why "junior engineer" is not likely to be a job available to humans for much longer.

Interesting questions

What rights does an employee retain, if any, who does not consent to being monitored on a work IT system?

In the US? Basically none.

Personal loan to a friend

Lending money to friends is famously straightforward and stress-free.

Has David Chase ever commented about the fate of Tony Soprano?

“I can’t have this conversation again.”

What is the safest way to camp in a zombie apocalypse?

“Your main defense is speed.”

Links from around the web

Inline conditionals in CSS?

If CSS adds `if`, will people stop arguing about whether or not it's a programming language?

Useful and overlooked skills

Developers and entrepreneurs need certain skills that aren’t necessarily taught in schools.

The interactive guide to rendering in React

Did you know React can be represented as a formula? Take a look.

Local, first, forever

Local-first software's biggest problem is data syncing. Solve that and you're golden.

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