Issue #178: Chat with your documentation

Welcome to ISSUE #178 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: getting your tech team to make big changes, dark e-commerce patterns, and the page that fetches itself.

From the blog

Stories from our survey: Salary in the time of pandemic

Salaries for developers surged over the past few years, but those gains weren't even distributed globally.

How do we get a tech team to make a big technical change?

It takes more than technical chops to implement big changes.

Read the docs? We prefer to chat with them (Ep. 568)

Cassidy and Ceora talk with Astro creator Fred K. Schott and Cloudflare’s Brendan Irvine-Broque and Michael Hart about the intersection of open source and AI.

A conversation with the folks building Google's AI models and I/O releases

Paige Bailey, lead product manager for generative models at Google, breaks down where the company's AI is heading.

Expert support, on demand

Imagine having a direct line to over 150 senior cloud architects for any cloud-related question or issue you encounter. With thousands of cloud questions and issues resolved, DoiT is your gateway to world-class cloud expertise.

Interesting questions

Why would `lsof /dev/video0` be insufficient to check what processes are using the camera?

Only if you're using the computer labeled "Abby Normal."

Dropping malicious packets as close to the source as possible

TIL the internet backbone exists in the same way that the public square does: conceptually, not actually.

What's this dark pattern for placing an expensive product next to an even more expensive product to make it appear cheaper?

Get the silver widgets. They are way cheaper than the gold ones.

What is the theory behind using the 14th Amendment to ignore the debt ceiling?

Not since high school social studies classes have we Americans had to be familiar with so many amendments.

Links from around the web

Chromium blog: An update on the lock icon

The lock icon used to be necessary to show that a website was using a secure connection. Now that it's the norm, is it time to change?

The intersectionality of web performance

It's not just business that is positively impacted by good web performance.

See this page fetch itself, byte by byte, over TLS

This page looks simple, but it gives you an appreciation of the web's history and the work that makes it possible.

A backup of historical proportions

A deep dive into the history of archival anxiety.

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