Issue #186: Do large language models know what they're talking about?

Welcome to ISSUE #186 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: probing the intelligence of LLMs, responding to “work faster” feedback, and Ethernet turns 50.

From the blog

Do large language models know what they are talking about?

Large language models seem to possess the ability to reason intelligently, but does that mean they actually know things?

Why knowledge management is foundational to AI success

Providing the right context to AI can improve accuracy and reduce hallucinations.

Developers use AI tools, they just don’t trust them (Ep. 586)

The home team shares what our Developer Survey respondents said about AI, spicy opinions about recent Apple unveilings, and an update on crypto regulation.

App-Driven Analytics Gaming Demo Webinar

Join MongoDB’s App-Driven Analytics Webinar to see how developers are using application-driven analytics to build live data directly into the user experience. Join MongoDB's webinar on Tuesday, July 25 at 12pm ET.

Interesting questions

How could the Intel 4004 address 640 bytes if it was only 4-bit?

Not 4-bit but 4n-bit.

If I am using a VPN that allows multiple connections, can each user/device view traffic of the other user?

TL;DR: Probably not, but change your password.

Dealing with "work faster" feedback

Instead of refuting your manager’s feedback, try hearing it.

If magic is programming, then what is mana supposed to be?

“If my experience in programming is anything to go by, the answer is coffee.”

Links from around the web

Understanding SVG Paths

If you've ever wanted a deep dive into the powerhouse that is the SVG, you're in luck!

Happy 50th birthday, Ethernet

Ethernet is a whopping 50 years old! How has it lasted this long?

The Cost of JavaScript

A great talk on solving the issues that crop up when trying to build a performant website.

Why transformative AI is really, really hard to achieve

AI is a powerful technology that is bound to keep growing—but not in the ways we might expect.

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