Issue 187

Welcome to ISSUE #187 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: exploring the infrastructure and code behind edge functions, what makes someone a “real developer,” and the coolest library on earth.

From the blog

Exploring the infrastructure and code behind modern edge functions

Syndicating code globally to be deployed locally allows just-in-time modifications to customize web apps.

Jamstack is evolving toward a composable web (Ep. 588)

Dana Lawson, Senior VP of Engineering at Netlify, joins Ben and Ryan to talk about her path from the military to tech, how three years at GitHub continues to shape her perspective, and how composable architecture is turning web development into something resembling LEGOsⓇ (in a good way).

Why on earth are people paying for digital real estate? (Ep. 587)

VerseProp founder and CEO Joel Coren and founding partner and COO William Polisano join Ben to talk about digital real estate's roots in the world of gaming, where the value of virtual properties comes from, and why they believe pixelated properties are on the cusp of a supercycle.

Announcing two new Collectives™ on Stack Overflow: Natural Language Processing and Hypertext Preprocessor

The NLP and PHP Collectives are dedicated spaces on Stack Overflow where you can share knowledge around these areas of practice, collaborate with subject matter experts from the community, and find relevant, trusted content faster.

How are elite software teams building in 2023?

CircleCI’s new report, 2023 State of Software Delivery, breaks down by the numbers the benchmarks that the highest-performing software teams of 2023 are meeting, and offers practical recommendations on how to shore up your team’s performance metrics.

Interesting questions

How do I know if I’m a “real developer”?

Read on for the dramatic conclusion.

What’s the difference between an observer pattern and a listener pattern?

One is a pattern; the other, an implementation.

Is it possible to reset all Google Chrome extension settings?

Just to be clear, this won’t solve the problem of 200 open tabs.

Legality of using unofficial API

What are the chances I’m committing a federal crime?

Links from around the web

Unfortunately, Kelly Rowland couldn't have used the =HYPERLINK() function to message Nelly

Kelly Rowland famously had Excel open in the 2002 music video for “Dilemma.” Could she have used some of the core functionality in her texts to Nelly?

Why engineers should focus on writing

Writing (not copying and pasting) can help you become a better engineer.

The coolest library on earth

Sure, all libraries are cool, but this one is literally the coolest.

How a year-long LeetCode habit upped my professional game

Love 'em or hate 'em, LeetCode-style job interviews are still around. But studying those kinds of problems is helpful for more than just getting the gig.

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