Issue 193

Welcome to ISSUE #193 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: how to pay off tech debt by giving it numbers, why type systems stop at a level of expressiveness, and why one developer built a garbage collector for a language that doesn't need it.

From the blog

Fitting AI models in your pocket with quantization

A Qualcomm expert breaks down some of the tools and techniques they use to fit GenAI models on a smartphone.

If you want to address tech debt, quantify it first

If you want the tech debt metaphor to really shine, get some numbers behind it.

Semantic search without the napalm grandma exploit (Ep. 600)

Ben and senior software engineer Kyle Mitofsky are joined by two people who worked on the launch of Overflow AI: director of data science and data platform Michael Foree and senior software developer Alex Warren. They talk about how and why Stack Overflow launched semantic search, how to ensure a knowledge base is trustworthy, and why user prompts can make LLMs vulnerable to exploits.

Medical research made understandable with AI (ep. 601)

We chat with CEO Dipanwita Das and CTO Hellmut Adolphs of Sorcero, which uses AI and large language models to make medical texts more discoverable and readable, helping knowledge to more easily spread, increasing the changes doctors and patients will find the solutions they need.

DoubleCloud: Explore the cutting-edge end-to-end analytics platform designed for digital-native products

Quickly build, manage, and maintain in-product or customer-facing analytical solutions using open-source technologies like ClickHouse, 10x faster than other analytical DMBS. Enjoy a wide range of benefits, including free traffic, our BI tool with ChatGPT-4 integrated, free backups, and more. And get all of this with your existing cloud account on AWS or GCP.

Interesting questions

How expressive of a type system is too expressive for the average programmer?

It's not the average programmer that holds it back, it's the diminishing returns on overly expressive systems.

What distinguishes top researchers from mediocre ones?

Nothing triggers an existential crisis like a PhD program.

How is Windows XP still vulnerable behind a NAT + firewall?

"Your XP device must also be secured against attacks from the local network."

Could tropical cryptography become another candidate for post-quantum cryptography?

To decrypt your files, you must drink a mai tai while wiggling your toes in the surf.

Links from around the web

How to communicate when trust is low (without digging yourself into a deeper hole)

Small, positive interactions can help improve morale and trust on your team when things feel shaky.

Why does email development have to suck?

Emails aren't websites, so we have to change our mindsets about how we write layouts for them!

I built a garbage collector for a language that doesn’t need one

Interesting lessons from an admittedly unnecessary project.

SaTML 2023 - Timnit Gebru - Eugenics and the promise of utopia through AGI

Does AI mean that a utopia is coming? This is a fascinating and informative talk on the subject.

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