Issue 195

Welcome to ISSUE #195 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the dramatic conclusion of our cloud journey, the math behind a good toy train track, and the case against walled gardens.

From the blog

Journey to the cloud part II: Migrating Stack Overflow for Teams to Azure

We needed to remove the dependency on the Sites database and contain all Teams infrastructure and data within the TFZ which is all part of Phase II.

Computers are learning to read our minds

The home team chats with Gašper Beguš, director of the Berkeley Speech and Computation Lab, about his research into how LLMs—and humans—learn to speak. Plus: how AI is restoring a stroke survivor’s ability to talk, concern over models that pass the Turing test, and what’s going on with whale brains.

You can't spell Zapier without API

Ben and friend of the show Kyle Mitofsky sit down with Reid Robinson, lead product manager for AI at Zapier, for a conversation about AI and automation. Plus: NFTs and the dog behind the doge.

CI/CD for machine learning? Here's how.

Deploying ML models is the new frontier for software development, but there are challenges. From managing compute resources and security to reproducibility and continuous training, building AI/ML into your application requires a new approach.

Interesting questions

What are the caveats in pursuing a PhD mainly for fun?

It's like saying you're running a marathon for the free water stations.

Was Russell right in saying that skepticism is psychologically impossible?

In which our asker is skeptical of Russell's claim and promptly collapses into a paradox.

Dealing ethically with future human monsters

Before I give you this magic wand, you've got to pinky swear that you won't do bad things with it.

Is this duplo train track under too much tension?

Sure, your kids are proud of their work, but the math is wrong.

Links from around the web

Case Study: Rebuilding TechCrunch layout with modern CSS

This is a very deep dive into how one developer recreated a popular website layout with modern CSS practices!

The worst programmer I know

Perhaps our methods of measuring productivity aren't the best ways to measure a teammate.

A11y-driven development | A side-quest to make a11y more a11-Ible

People often address accessibility at the end of the project rather than from the very beginning.

Cory Doctorow: Interoperability can save the open web

A lot of tech exists within a "walled garden." Is that how things should be?

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