Issue 196

Welcome to ISSUE #196 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: understanding what VC investors are looking for, when SOLID principles are on shaky ground, and why not everything should be lazy loaded.

From the blog

What we talk about when we talk about imposter syndrome

How does our emphasis on imposter syndrome keep us from having bigger, harder conversations about how to improve life for developers?

How to land the manager-to-IC pivot

The conventional metaphor for career success is a ladder, but there are a lot of problems with this narrative.

Founder vs Investor: What VCs are really looking for

We chat with Elizabeth Zalman, a programmer and 2X technical founder, to understand how developers looking to start their own companies can navigate the sometimes fraught relationship with their VC backers.

Stablecoin Studio: The All-in-One Toolkit built on Hedera

Stablecoin Studio is an open-source toolkit that makes stablecoin application development easy. Proof-of-reserve functionality uses existing systems or on-chain oracles, while seamless custody & KYC provider integrations reduce time-to-market.

Interesting questions

When to *not* use SOLID principles?

If you don't understand something, you shouldn't be applying it blindly.

How to deal with colleague enrolling my email to mailing lists instead of his own

If you didn't sign up for a mailing list, it's still spam.

Where did Bob Ross get his inspiration?

In search of the land of happy little trees.

Time complexity of linear search vs brute force

The algorithms might be the same, but the ways they use the variables to express time complexity aren't.

Links from around the web

Some notes on local-first development

Local-first apps are growing rapidly. Should you get on that train?

Stop lazy loading product and hero images

Lazy loading is a great technique, but like everything, it shouldn't be used all the time.

Real-time React analog clock

Did you know that you can use React without JSX and without a build step?

Facilitating inclusive online workshops (part 1)

Maybe instead of a meeting, you should be organizing a workshop. Here are some great tips to get started.

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