Issue 198

Welcome to ISSUE #198 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we're looking back at 15 years of Stack Overflow with a snazzy poster, thinking of critiquing our skip-level boss, and understanding why open source wins.

From the blog

Announcing the newest space in Collectives™ on Stack Overflow: Mobile Development

A collective for developers working on mobile products and platforms to share and learn about this area of practice.

Being creative with math: The immersive artist who traded a sketchpad for a keyboard

On this sponsored episode, Ben, Cassidy, and Ryan are joined by Luyang Zou, who is a creative coder, artist, architect, and Ambassador for today’s sponsor, Logitech. They chat about the amazing immersive spaces he creates with a keyboard and mouse, the process (and Processing), and the software and hardware he uses.

Celebrating 15 Years of Stack Overflow

From Angular JS to Raspberry Pi, from React to Prompt Engineering, our community has been asking questions and sharing knowledge that helps the entire world build better.

Like Python++ for AI developers

This is part two of our conversation with Chris Lattner, creator of Swift, Clang, and LLVM and CEO/cofounder of Modular AI.

Behind the scenes with OverflowAI Search

Go behind the scenes to learn how we designed our new search.

Citi developers support millions of mobile users globally

Did you know some of our agile development teams build features for the Citi Mobile® and Citibank® Online apps used by millions of users? Encompassing a broad range of skills and roles, our tech teams are making an impact on a global scale. Join us.

Interesting questions

Giving constructive criticism to my boss' boss

In what universe do you see this going well for you?

General principles of piercing the protective cover of unfrozen microwave ready meals

You might be a hot mess, but your food doesn't have to be.

Why did the Motorola 68000 processor family fall out of use in personal computers in the 21st century?

It only appeared elegant if you were a casual assembler programmer *scoffs*.

Is LaTeX an implicit prerequisite in undergraduate mathematics?

Instructors won’t expect you to be fluent, but they will expect you to start learning.

Links from around the web

Long live the Test Pyramid

Check out some contemporary testing strategies and evaluate the famous Test Pyramid’s relevance.

Open source does not win by being cheaper

There's a bunch of open-source companies out there, but they don't "win" because they are cheap, and self-hostable. They win because they're better.

Why HTTP/3 is eating the world

HTTP/3 solves some big problems, which might explain why it's being adopted quickly in spite of its limitations.

Contributing to tech communities: How open-source can land you a job and get you out of the skill paradox

Hacktoberfest is here. Could your contributions lead to your next job?

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