Issue 200: Reducing meeting blast radius

Welcome to ISSUE #200 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: how to integrate an AI tool into your existing workflow, advise PhD candidates smarter than you, and run neural networks in your browser.

From the blog

Integrating AI tools into your workflow

For AI tools to be useful to your team, they have to fit into your existing workflows.

Wondering how sustainable your buildings are? Make your data speak

If we can make operational data easier to manage and easier to access through simple, standardized APIs, everyone can transform their companies into sustainable data-driven organizations.

Meetings are the worst. Let's reduce their blast radius

The home team talks with Matt Martin, cofounder and CEO of Clockwise, which offers AI-powered time management and scheduling tools.

From prototype to production: Vector databases in generative AI applications

What exactly is a vector database? And how does it relate to generative AI?

Expert support, on demand

Imagine having a direct line to over 150 senior cloud architects for any cloud-related question or issue you encounter. With thousands of cloud questions and issues resolved, DoiT is your gateway to world-class cloud expertise.

Interesting questions

Do larger rockets tend to have a better mass ratio due to the square cube law?

It's not the size of the rocket, it's the structural integrity of the fuel tank.

Why would cyborgs, assuming they are rare, be found in the lower classes rather than the elite?

Just because you can't spot the chrome on a roller doesn't mean they ain't got a beetle, chummer.

Who coined the term "signal-to-noise ratio" and when did statisticians start using the term "noise" to describe randomness?

It didn’t start with Nate Silver.

How do professors advise PhD students that are smarter than them?

“Even the greatest athletes need coaches.”

Links from around the web

How a 23-year-old first-time Firefox coder fixed a 22-year-old bug

A novice developer fixed a bug that sprung up around the same time he was born!

CSS relative color syntax

Behold the relative rainbow: you can now make colors based on other colors!

Detect objects in images

Did you know that you could run neural networks entirely in the browser without contacting a server? This fun demo shows you how.

Demystifying CSS container queries

What are CSS container queries, really?

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