Issue 201: Rise of the coffeebots!

Welcome to ISSUE #201 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: what you need (besides AI) to improve productivity, forcing diplomats to pay back rent, and the downsides of mobile-first web design.

From the blog

Retrieval augmented generation: Keeping LLMs relevant and current

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) is a strategy that helps address both LLM hallucinations and out-of-date training data.

The company making it easier to turn your coffee machine into a robot

Ben welcomes back friend of the show Eliot Horowitz, cofounder and CTO of Viam, who’s also the cofounder and former CTO of MongoDB. They talk about the current status of robot assistants, why Viam is hardware-agnostic, and building robots to train cats (good luck with that).

Is AI enough to increase your productivity?

Being an effective coder with a code generation tool still requires you to be an effective coder without one.

Plug & play insights for developers

Adadot integrates with your git and collaboration tools to offer analytics for developers and teams. Earn trophies by achieving your goals. See unique insights on your work, collaboration and wellbeing and what 45k other developers do differently. Join for free.

Interesting questions

How to make lectures interesting?

As much as your students love their nap breaks, they're better off learning what they came to learn.

Can diplomats be compelled to pay rent?

"Diplomats and embassies are immune to any reprisals from their host country. But they are not immune to reprisals from their own country."

Is our outsourced software vendor "Agile" or do they just not want to plan things?

A story with a happy ending: after getting advice from Stack Exchange, the users convinced their management to make a change!

Why not think of differentials as fractions?

Mostly because you would arrive at the wrong answers.

Links from around the web

Hydration, the saboteur of lazy loading

Hydration is often seen as a silver bullet for performance, but there are caveats.

Organizing multiple Git identities

When you write code under a work identity, a personal identity, and a secret identity...you have to keep them separated!

Naming variables in CSS

Naming things is hard, but here’s some advice to help you through it.

The negative impact of mobile-first web design on desktop

It's very important to consider mobile users when building on the web, but it can cause some usability issues for other users.

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