Issue 202: Accepted

Welcome to ISSUE #202 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: how and why developers are changing jobs, whether you can gamble with stolen money, and why text embeddings matter.

From the blog

Hopping instead of hustling: Survey tells us how developers are taking care of business

Both new talent and late-career developers are more likely to be looking.

Forget the 10X engineer—it’s about building a 10X culture

On today’s sponsored episode, Ben and Ryan talk with James Simmonds and Tristan Sheppard, both principal software engineers and engineering leads in the power trading department at Shell, about how a century-old company is working to evolve into a place where developers and engineers love to work.

Composable architecture

On this episode Ryan and Stack Overflow Director of Brand Design David Longworth chat with Matt Biilmann, CEO and co-founder of Netlify, about composable architecture, how making it easier to code will create more developers, and why the future of the front end is portability.

Privacy in the age of generative AI

The core challenge posed by generative AI right now is that unlike conventional applications, LLMs have no “delete” button.

Stack Overflow’s AI Journey: Lessons Learned on the Road to GenAI

Have you started exploring the use cases and benefits of GenAI? Tune in to Stack Overflow engineers Alex Warren and Michael Foree as they walk through what we were able to create, build, and test using new GenAI concepts.

Interesting questions

If I use stolen money to gamble, do I get to keep the winnings?

If you did, it would be the loophole of the century.

Is there a clean way to model methods that only make sense depending on the current state of the object?

Congrats, you just created your own internal domain-specific language (iDSL).

Should my players fill out their character sheets during a tutorial session?

There are even some early edition adventures that did exactly this.

Can mathematics fully describe the universe?

“The map may not be the territory.”

Links from around the web

NASA just sent a software update to a spacecraft 12 billion miles away

Generations of scientists made the incredible happen! Multiply the distance from the Earth to the moon by more than 50,000, and you'll have an idea of how far this software update is going.

How to animate along a path in CSS

This is a great little case study about how to make a unique loading indicator with CSS.

Embeddings: What they are and why they matter

Embeddings are the technology behind every AI tool you've heard of. Here are some more details about what they are and why they're important.

Beware of unsafe conversions from size_t to int

If you're mixing signed and unsigned variables in C++, you're bound to have some...interesting results!

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