Issue 206: Inference-as-a-service

Welcome to ISSUE #206 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Will GenAI generate productivity? Does spite look better than a PhD on your resume? How can you post an email address on the internet without bots getting ahold of it?

From the blog

How to scale a business-ready AI platform with watsonx: Q&A with IBM

We chat with IBM about how their watsonx platform makes generative AI more than just a fun toy.

Can GenAI 10X developer productivity?

Anand Das, cofounder and CTO of Bito AI, joins Ben and Ryan for a conversation about the intersection of developer productivity and GenAI.

Cloudflare Workers have a new skill: AI inference-as-a-service

Rita Kozlov, Senior Director of Product at Cloudflare, joins Ben, Ryan, and veteran cohost Cassidy Williams for a conversation about Cloudflare’s new AI service, what her day-to-day is like, and the mind-blowing “physicality” of the internet.

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Interesting questions

What is the earliest reference to playing chess with Death?

Death has been hosting board game nights since before chess existed.

How bad will refusing to defend PhD look on industry-job applications?

Under skills, you've listed "Spite." Can you tell me more?

What's wrong with the use of a WAF?

“It is additional attack surface.”

Was there any computer since about 1960 without interrupt support?

Some computers wouldn't let you get an instruction in edgewise.

Links from around the web

The Valley of Code

If you have friends wanting to learn to code over the holidays, this is a great site to get them started!

An interactive guide to CSS Grid

CSS Grid is complex, but once you get comfortable with it, you can make powerful things.

Email obfuscation: What works in 2023?

There are different ways to hide emails from bots on websites. Here are some examples.

How I (kind of) killed Mercurial at Mozilla

Firefox was one of the giants not using Git…until now!

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