Issue 207: One weird trick

Welcome to ISSUE #207 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: building an AI platform for business with IBM, refusing to answer questions on a jury, and the fastest way to String in C++.

From the blog

Behind the scenes building IBM watsonx, an AI and data platform

Insight into how IBM built their own LLM, data lakehouse, and AI governance system.

How we’re enriching the Teams essentials to make collaboration easier

In spite of all of the AI innovation that’s happened over the last year, we still believe that a human- and community-centered approach to knowledge management is the best way for organizations to unlock the benefits of AI.

One weird trick for teaching users your software

Ben talks with James Evans, cofounder and CEO of CommandBar, an AI-powered user assistance platform, about the software usability challenges CommandBar wants to address, the evolution of the company’s natural language search bar, and the future of dynamic interfaces and universal agents.

Bring your AI Solutions to Market Faster from the Comfort of your Own Cloud

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Interesting questions

Negotiated conditions not met after taking back resignation

You've already given them notice, now follow through.

May a juror refuse to answer questions?

"A person cannot be in contempt of court for refusing an illegal order."

What are the differences between seq2seq and encoder-decoder architectures?

One's a square and the other is a rectangle.

How could medieval people get into space?

Sometimes you need to lean on the fiction part harder than the science part.

Links from around the web

C++ String Benchmark: STL vs. ATL vs. Custom Pool Allocator

There are many string types available in C++. Which one is the fastest?

Introducing StyleX

Meta newly open-sourced a styling solution that might be useful for your web applications!

All my favorite tracing tools: eBPF, QEMU, Perfetto, new ones I built and more

There are so many different ways to figure out what's going on in a given program. Here's a bunch of options!

Advent of Code

It's not too late to start this year's Advent of Code and keep sharp doing some challenging programming puzzles!

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