Issue 209: The best of 2023

Welcome to ISSUE #209 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. New year, same old reliable newsletter. This week, we're recapping the top five blogs from last year and sharing some fresh questions and links.

From the blog

The hardest part of building software is not coding, it's requirements

Why replacing programmers with AI won’t be so easy.

Self-healing code is the future of software development

Developers love automating solutions to their problems, and with the rise of generative AI, this concept is likely to be applied to both the creation, maintenance, and the improvement of code at an entirely new level.

Stop saying “technical debt”

Everyone who says "tech debt" assumes they know what we’re all talking about, but their individual definitions differ quite a bit.

Developer with ADHD? You’re not alone.

Is there a connection between programming and ADHD? And could it be that people with ADHD are particularly well-suited to programming careers? 

Is software getting worse?

With all the advancements in software development, apps could be much better. Why aren't they?

Interesting questions

Spinning gyroscope loses weight?

A helpful reminder that good faith science experiments can be wrong for non-intuitive reasons.

Dennett vs Sapolsky on free will: A clash over different claims?

Then there are the philosophers who argue that the boulder actually has free will, too.

Are computer science courses supposed to be basically math?

CS grew out of math departments, emphasis on "grew out of."

What is the legality of using copyrighted DnD monsters in personal writing?

If you're looking to charge money for stories about DnD monsters, mind flayers are off limits.

Links from around the web

Making sense of “senseless” JavaScript features

JavaScript is weird, but you can work with the weirdness to make something powerful!

Dark visitors

The data scrapers and "AI visitors" of the internet are more widespread than you think. Protect your website from them!

The roadmap to product/market fit… maybe

As you're building that side project once again for your New Year's resolutions, stop to consider who it's for...besides yourself?

Never underestimate HTML

We often underestimate the complexity of HTML, the core of the web!

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