Issue 211: Breaking Tetris

Welcome to ISSUE #211 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: creating a role-playing video game in a single day with AI, casting doubt on rocket exhaust casting shadows, and admitting that those cookie banners are really annoying.

From the blog

Maximum Glitch: How to break Tetris

The home team is back with a conversation about the 13-year-old who beat Tetris by breaking it; stories from the Mathematics Stack Exchange; and the robot butler that will do your dishes, fold your laundry, and water your plants. Happy New Year!

How to build a role-playing video game in 24 hours

Ben and Ryan chat about how the human body can act as a resonance chamber for remote car keys, the potential for GenAI to revolutionize game development by creating an infinite array of dynamic game worlds, and advancements in brain-computer interfaces.

Why knowledge management is foundational to AI success

Providing the right context to AI can improve accuracy and reduce hallucinations.

Your tech toolbox: The middle ground between tech chaos and rigidity

Do you solve new problems the same way because it's already done? Or do you go with a new approach that offers more benefits?

Interesting questions

Do the flames from a rocket cast a shadow, and, more generally, does the rocket exhaust cast a shadow?

And if the rocket sees its shadow, does that mean six more weeks of winter?

Is it insider trading if I bought Boeing puts while I am inside the wrecked airplane?

"Technically, they are inside a Boeing, though maybe not for long."

What are valid rebuttals to utilitarianism?

Don’t blame this on Spock.

How to identify and filter AI-generated statements of purpose (SoP) and recommendation letters?

“The solution is to improve the admissions process, not to filter for AI-generated texts.”

Links from around the web

How to make external links accessible

Links make the web go 'round...and so does accessibility!

European Union set to revise cookie law, admits cookie banners are annoying

This website uses cookies...maybe you won't have to close that banner anymore?

Top Pens of 2023 on CodePen

CodePen's most hearted Pens are back! There's some incredible work done by some impressive developers.

Guarding JS objects with Proxy

Meet the JavaScript object's unsung hero, the Proxy!

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