Issue 212: Socially responsible AI

Welcome to ISSUE #212 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the incredible shrinking life of developer skills, the future dearth of space pirates, and the impeding ubiquity of IPv6.

From the blog

The path to socially responsible AI

As a company, we strongly believe that the community of the world’s most engaged developers and technologists and the answers they share will ensure the success of AI’s future.

Sending bugs back in time

Ben and Ryan are joined by Ryan’s former colleague and current backend engineer at Spotify, Omar Delarosa, to talk about time-traveling programming languages, a keyboard that turns an iPhone into a Blackberry, and what it’s like working on everyone’s personal DJ.

The half-life of developer skills is shrinking rapidly

Kian Katanforoosh is the CEO and cofounder of Workera and co-created the Stanford Deep Learning class (CS230) with Prof. Andrew Ng. In this episode he talks about how companies can better measure the skill sets of their employees and how AI will change the half-life of useful skills.

Letting algorithms guide our path to the next great invention

The home team discusses a new alternative to smartphones, how AI will impact scientific research and journalism, another dispiriting round of layoffs in tech, and building a computer with Legos.

Interesting questions

Is it possible to build a system to generate UUIDs where every UUID is guaranteed unique?

Guaranteed? No. But the chance that you generate a duplicate GUID is smaller than having that GUID be corrupted in the nanosecond it takes to be copied from RAM.

Travelling with ADHD medication to Asia

If it's prohibited, a prescription won't help.

Is there a word for "a variety of breakfast foods"

Perhaps the Sunrise Sampler or Super Slam will adequately break your fast.

Why isn't the Solar System infested with space pirates?

"How do you prevent rampant high seas piracy in a world where ocean travel is cheap and the entire Earth has been colonized?"

Links from around the web

why lowercase letters save data

who knew that writing in lowercase would be so fun and efficient?

Brace yourself, IPv6 is coming

IPv6 is a good thing, but a lot of developer tools aren't prepared. Make sure you're ready for that change in your own applications!

Dispatching an event

Sometimes the more "manual" approach is the quickest way to get what you want.

Sit in shade

This is a fun, clever example of using public data to make your life a little more convenient!

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