Issue 213: Is gzip an LLM?

Welcome to ISSUE #212 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: we're celebrating our annual Stack Gives Back event, cutting to the chase in work DMs, and wondering what the rest of the world thinks about Comic Sans.

From the blog

Stack Gives Back 2023!

We’re excited to announce our 15th annual Stack Gives Back campaign donations.

Compression is understanding

The home team chats about machine learning and its applications beyond the hot topic of GenAI, what it means for models to unlearn data, the future of open source, and new frontiers in game development.

Hacking the hamburger: How a pentester exposed holes in hundreds of fast-food chains

Ben and Ryan talk about the hacker who exposed a security vulnerability in AI-powered software, security risks of smart devices, symbolic deduction engines in AI, and the programming language that features time travel.

How important are IDEs to developer workflows?

IDEs can help with writing code, but they really shine as battle stations for creating software with all the additional activities that entails.

Leverage APIs and Gen AI to power automations and testing

Webinar: Leverage APIs and Gen AI to power automations and testing. Are you interested in exploring new possibilities for your software testing and automation projects? Join a dedicated event and deep dive into how to efficiently utilize APIs and Generative AI with UiPath to power up automations and software testing.

Interesting questions

Why did Alexandre Dumas use Greek names for the three musketeers?

Short answer? He didn’t.

Who navigates the ISS?

It’s less a spaceship than a satellite.

Do real game developers use blueprints, or do they always use C++?

A real game developer develops games. Your players won't know how you coded it.

How to gently enforce "nohello" to a coworker?

Make “What can I do for you?” work for you.

Links from around the web

Findings from the Monotype & Neurons Typography Report

Depending on where you are in the world, something as simple as a font can evoke a different feeling.

Netflix is turning into cable TV

Maybe if we just bundled all the channels together for a low monthly rate, you could get all the programming you want...wait a minute...

How we built it: Smart retries

This is a really cool case study showing how a machine learning tool saved businesses millions.

Accounting for internationalization with CSS and HTML

If you want your applications to be read and seen from around the world, you don't have to just stick all of your logic in your scripting.

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