Issue 216: Functional time-travel

Welcome to ISSUE #216 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the AI bot that fixes security flaws, the legality of phone lines that are usually unusually busy, and tech jobs lose their shine.

From the blog

Can a programming language implement time travel?

Computer science deals with concurrency, but what about simultaneity?

Would you trust an AI bot to find the fix for vulnerabilities in your code?

On this episode: Eitan Worcel, CEO and cofounder of Mobb, a company that uses AI to automate security vulnerability remediation, talks about how AI can help reduce security backlogs and free up developers’ time, what security risks emerge with GenAI, and why we still need a human in the loop.

Exploring the inclusive tech revolution

On this sponsored episode of the podcast, Ben and Ryan chat with Maya Sellon, inclusive design and digital accessibility principal at Shell, about how she’s scaling accessibility and inclusive design practice across an organization the size of Shell. They talk about how knowing the accessibility issues is half the battle, how people are the key to scale, and what video games teach us about inclusive design.

The creator of PyTorch Lightning on the AI hype cycle

The home team chats with William Falcon, an AI researcher and creator of PyTorch Lightning, about developing tooling for the AI ecosystem, open-source contributions, what happens when widely hyped technology needs to scale, and why he’s bullish on experienced developers using AI but not so bullish on new devs doing the same.

Set up, scale up with MongoDB on Google Cloud

Harness the power of MongoDB Atlas and Google Cloud to create sophisticated, enterprise-ready intelligent applications. Google Cloud's robust infrastructure coupled with the document model and native Vector Search empower you to build accurate, scalable, and secure gen AI-powered applications. Try it out for yourself on Google Marketplace today!

Interesting questions

Safest place on Earth from falling meteorites

Because that's the thing we should be worried about right now.

How would you explain a tensor to a computer scientist?

"What might make answering this question difficult is that there are several different accepted definitions of tensors."

Is it OK for a company to claim 'our phones lines are unusually busy' all day every day?

That word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Is it appropriate to use a QR code at the end of my thesis acknowledgements for a subtle banter?

You can put whatever you want in the acknowledgements, including unfunny jokes.

Links from around the web

How can we keep domains working long after our death?

What would it take to maintain a "digital legacy" after we're gone?

Big Tech jobs have lost their glamour

Workers across the tech industry are questioning if they should be going to the big tech companies that have been doing layoffs.

CSS neural network (number detection)

Just when you thought CSS couldn't get more complex, someone made a neural network for number detection (which is just a whole lot of math).

Shining laser light on glass creates a solar cell

A certain kind of glass behaves like a solar cell, which has some cool implications for energy as a result.

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