Issue 218: Textbooks for robots

Welcome to ISSUE #218 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: how we're partnering to ensure LLMs acknowledge our community's contributions, why a slow train is like walking into a wall, and what design patterns encourage junk data.

From the blog

Defining socially responsible AI: How we select partners

Stack Overflow is on a journey to build a new era in the practice of AI: the era of social responsibility. All products based on models that consume public Stack Overflow data are required to provide attribution back to the highest relevance posts that influenced the summary given by the model.

Even LLMs need education—quality data makes LLMs overperform

If you’re building experimental GenAI features that haven’t proven their product market fit, you don’t want to commit to a model that runs up costs without a return on that investment.

How to convince your CEO it’s worth paying down tech debt

On this episode: Matt Van Itallie, Founder and CEO at Sema, a company that assesses code to improve outcomes for users, companies, and developers. Plus, friend of the show and erstwhile cohost Cassidy Williams joins the conversation.

Optimizing both hardware and software for GenAI

Ryan and Ben chat with Raymond Lo, AI software evangelist at Intel, about the AI PC, the software that powers AI breakthroughs, and optimizing hardware and software in unison to improve generative AI performance.

Subsurface LIVE-the Premier Data Lakehouse Event on May 2-3.

Subsurface LIVE 2024 registration is now open. The free premier Data Lakehouse conference on May 2nd-3rd. Expect 50+ dynamic breakout sessions featuring insights from leading tech giants, global 2000 companies and innovative startups. Register now!

Interesting questions

How can psychic truffles keep humans from eating them?

It's not enough for fungi to cause hallucinations; somebody's going to be into that.

What's the background to the popularity of turquoise in Russian architecture?

If something is popular in government, it might be because they had a lot of leftovers.

What happens if a slow train hits you?

The official physics term for this is "bonk."

Is materialism essential to scientific progress?

Not everything that matters to science exists in the physical world

Links from around the web

Design patterns that encourage junk data

We should design our products and services to resist data that is not useful.

How Discord moved engineering to cloud development environments

Discord, being a remote team, transitioned to a virtual machine-based environment for development!

The linear look

It feels like everyone's trying to pull off a certain "look" in SaaS apps these days.

How video games use LUTs and how you can too

Lookup tables are a tale as old as time, but can be challenging to understand. This article might help change that for you!

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