Issue 222: Generating bad code

Welcome to ISSUE #222 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: the data costs of observability, the legal consequences of not understanding your Miranda rights, and the benefits of scripting in the primary project language.

From the blog

Is AI making your code worse?

Ben and Ryan are joined by Bill Harding, CEO of GitClear, for a discussion of AI-generated code quality and its impact on productivity. GitClear’s research has highlighted the fact that while AI can suggest valid code, it can’t necessarily reuse and modify existing code—a recipe for long-term challenges in maintainability and test coverage if devs are too dependent on AI code-gen tools.

Controlling cloud costs: Where to start, and where to go from there

In this episode, Ben and Ryan are joined by Joshua Fox, a senior cloud architect at DoiT, to discuss cloud cost optimization. They explore the importance of controlling and understanding cloud costs, the role of good architecture in cost optimization, and strategies for dealing with surprise costs.

Community products: Reflections and looking ahead

This past year, we’ve explored and learned how AI can support the community on Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network. Read more to see our reflections and learn more about the initiatives our product team is prioritizing this year.

Data, data everywhere and not a stop to think

Ben and Ryan are joined by Nick Heudecker, Senior Director of Market Strategy and Competitive Intelligence at Cribl, to discuss the state of data and analytics. They cover GenAI, the role of incumbents vs. startups, challenges of data storage and security, data quality and ETL pipelines, measures of data quality for GenAI, and Cribl’s role in the data and observability space.

Build your app in Python, natively on Algorand with AlgoKit

Algorand is an enterprise-grade, programmable layer-1 protocol you can trust, now with a programming language you know. Build in Python on Algorand today with AlgoKit, your comprehensive toolset, and explore a real blockchain experience. Save time, save money, and save your sanity.

Interesting questions

What if you "don't understand" your Miranda rights?

The answer is not "Elliot Stabler slams his hand on the table and yells at you."

What is the largest fraction of Earth's sky that an astronomical object could take up (visually) before ripping Earth or itself apart?

The math behind those sweet sci-fi novel covers.

How do I calculate how many days I need for a bike tour?

Make sure you include some time help a cat and dog duo in their quest to find their way back home.

Why do compilers typically convert code into abstract syntax/parse trees before the final product?

Your compiler does more than just spit out ones and zeros.

Links from around the web

Embedding (and extracting) binary files like DLLs into an EXE as resources

Do you know that you can embed DLLs into Windows executable files and extract them at run-time when needed?

Scripts should be written using the project main language

If you're going to automate something, it might be tempting to try the latest and greatest scripting options out there, but for maintainability, maybe you should stick to the rivers and lakes that you're used to.

Diving into the Node.js website redesign

The Node.js website has been around for over a decade, and millions of developers have visited it. Here's how they redesigned it!

Radios, how do they work?

The underlying theory for how radios work is complex, but this guide explains it in human terms.

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