Issue 226: Baby's first programming language

Welcome to ISSUE #226 of The Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams. This week: Is tech generating a new bubble? Can you use LaTeX to put adorable little hearts on top of your "i" so everyone knows your love is imaginary? Will Pluto be mad if we find a new ninth planet?

From the blog

What language should beginning programmers choose?

Should a language be easy or comprehensive?

Is GenAI the next dot-com bubble?

The home team talks about the current state of the software job market, the changing sentiments around AI job opportunities, the impact of big players like Facebook and OpenAI on the space, and the challenges for startups. Plus: The philosophical implications of LLMs and the friendship potential of corvids.

Why configuration is so complicated

Ben and Ryan explore why configuration is so complicated, the right to repair, the best programming languages for beginners, how AI is grading exams in Texas, Automattic’s $125M acquisition of Beeper, and why a major US city’s train system still relies on floppy disks. Plus: The unique challenge of keeping up with a field that’s changing as rapidly as GenAI.

Real-time defect detection with Edge AI

Trying to build anomaly detection AI apps? Save time with Intel’s Defect Detection kit. It combines the open source Anomalib library which helps design, implement, and deploy unsupervised models, while OpenVINO toolkit optimizes and runs inference.

Interesting questions

How to politely say that I am not doing extra work after back to the office policies?

“What more are you waiting for? Foreclosure of the office building?”

Is it impossible to protect an API from data redistribution?

“As soon as the data leaves your server, isn’t your data anymore.”

Possible to dot your Is with hearts?

How to add a little more Lisa Frank into LaTeX.

University is killing my passion [for mathematics]

Do you ever feel like what you expected from college doesn't add up?

Links from around the web

Neurodiversity and UX: Essential resources for cognitive accessibility

This is a massive, useful collection of resources to help you design for neurodiversity, from WCAG guidelines to real-world expertise.

New evidence found for Planet 9

As recently-demoted Pluto sheds a single tear, could there be more planets in our solar system?

Go or Rust? Just listen to the bots

Ask any developer chatroom, "Go or Rust?" and you'll hear a burst of debate. This developer had two bots, one written in each language, tackle the topic themselves.

What is a good TTFB for ecommerce?

"Time to first byte" is a solid metric for understanding how your web performance measures up, and is arguably one of the more important considerations for ecommerce.

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